Transfusion Complete

Ugh.  I am totally drained emotionally and physically.  But very happy to say that we didn't have to deliver  and I'm still carrying Geo.  Welcome to the first day of the third trimester.  I'm 27 weeks along today.
The transfusion went well.  A very intense experience.  The whole checking into a hospital at 5:30 AM, questions, questions, stick-your-ass-out-the-back-of-this-gown-please, more questions, now-let's-try-to-get-this-IV-in-3-or-4-different-veins... not my cuppatee.  I'm much more than a little freaked out that I'll probably have to do this every other week until the end of the pregnancy.  As a bonus, though, after the second transfusion, the MCAs are no longer a valid measurement and are out the window.  One fewer appointment each week!
Ken did very well as the back-up hard drive for all of the questions and providing the occasional footrub.  With the rest of his nervous energy, he busied himself with taking pictures.  Not nice.
After that, the rest for me was a medically induced blur.  Right before they begin any procedure in the OR, they summarize the procedure and then go around the room and state their names and role/job title.  Apparently, right after everyone was done, I introduced myself and stated I was indeed the patient.
So, there was a very slim chance that once they got the needle in and the blood sampled they would've found that Geo didn't need the blood.  40 is the hematocrit level (essentially a measurement of the number of red blood cells in his blood) that they were looking for and Geo was at 13.  They gave him 70cc of special 'enriched' blood, so he should be nice and rosy for at least a week or so.
On the downside to all of this, they weren't (and won't be) able to avoid going directly through the placenta to do these procedures.  This exposes my body to the new (Duffy +) blood and makes me produce more freaking antibodies which is why we're in this sitch in the first place.  Oh well, two steps forward and one back, I guess... it's still progress.
Follow up appointment tomorrow morning and then we're making our way home.  I miss the boys so much it hurts.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. You've been in my prayers & will continue to be.

Emily Johnson

Anonymous said...

Stay strong Cindy, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I know that you and Ken will make it through this together. Lots of love to you guys and some extra kisses for the boys.
Laura V.